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Day 8 – C9

I should probably be really excited that the detox is nearly over, but I’m not really that bothered.

I can have 300 cal meals for lunch, replacing the shake from tomorrow, which I am really pleased about, but 8 days in and what was just a week ago the dreaded aloe gel in the morning has become routine and drinking it no longer phases me. The supplements were never a problem and drinking the recommended amount of water a day is easy.

Dinner times are what they were before the detox, but I seemed to have enjoyed them more knowing I haven’t eaten two donuts whilst cooking it.

I made fish and prawns with a tomato sauce, green beans and boiled potatoes for tea, and I might have strawberries, grapefruit and sour cream a bit later.


Feeling pretty amazing in myself and I’m especially impressed with the much improved condition of my hair. It even looks longer with it being softer.

Final day tomorrow

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