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Day 6 – C9

It might be the weekend, but the kids were still awake before 6 but getting up wasn’t a problem at all this morning.

I’ve wore clothes i didn’t expect fo fit into this summer today, a maxi dress with a thin quite short cardigan I bought without trying on and realised it was way too small when i got home. Not any more it’s not.

My skin is really clear, so clear I’ve done something I despise doing, and took a photo to show how good it is. I know I don’t have a before and after obviously, but it’s completely unairbrushed or filtered.


I did attempt to do half an hours exercise this morning, but with Emily circling me on her scooter, it didn’t quite work out. But we did all go out for a walk this afternoon.

Dinner tonight was whole-wheat rice noodles with chili and ginger salmon and prawns, steamed carrots, peppers and pak choi, and was delicious and very filling. I enjoyed it much more than I do our usual saturday night takeaway, Andrew agreed.


Shakes for breakfast are just routine now. I’m thinking about sticking with this after the cleanse, as mornings are quite hectic and breakfast is usually toast or branflakes and coffee. I want to cut bread out of my diet altogether, and reduce dairy. I can do one shake a day long-term no problem, but not two.

Three days to go, onto the final stretch now


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